Thursday, May 30, 2013

4 stars: Found (Penny Black series, #1) by Stacey Wallace Benefiel

"From the author of the Zellie Wells trilogy comes FOUND (Penny Black #1)the first book in a whole new NA trilogy set in the Society world.

Discover what happened to Zellie, Avery, Melody, and Ben!

And meet Penny Black, a girl with a past that can see the future.
Penny Black hasn’t had it easy. Just about everything you’d expect to happen to a harassed foster-kid turned junkie has happened to Penny. Add in the mysterious power to rewind time, conducting events around her, and it’s a wonder she held up on the streets for so many years. Now, at seventeen, the New Society has found her. Finally, Penny is where she belongs. But that doesn’t stop the visions, or the need to protect the victims shown to her.

Wyatt Adams is excited and intrigued when his sister Melody assigns him to be Penny’s Lookout. Being the youngest, and hopelessly ordinary in the family that created the New Society, has left Wyatt feeling like he has a lot to prove -- and Penny is a big deal. She’s got abilities that surpass any he’s seen before…and pretty much every quality he looks for in a girlfriend, but no one needs to know about that, especially Penny."

Published February 24th 2013 by Write Free. I received a digital ARC of this story.

The characters in this book get horrible visions of the future, which allow them to get to the scene of the horrible event and literally rewind time, so that they can prevent these horrible things from happening.

Here is a Facebook post I made while reading this book:

The dialogue in this book is outstanding. And luckily, a very large portion of the book is dialogue. It makes the story quick to read and very engaging. Even the adults had great things to say! All of this dialogue made it possible for the author to show instead of tell, and that's important.

When I originally reviewed this book on Goodreads, I had somehow completely missed the fact that this is a companion series for the Zellie Wells series. Maybe I was spending too much time noticing the cool cover. This resulted in a much more negative review than the book deserved. I was wondering why there were so many characters and I had trouble keeping them straight. Some were only introduced once and then brought back again later, and I couldn't remember who they were. I also wondered why some characters and character relationships were focused on when nothing was really going on in the story with those characters. Color me confused! It all makes sense once you realize that an earlier series was written about them as teenagers, and this series is about the next generation and features the old beloved characters as grown-ups.

There was also a story line that I really disliked and didn't understand. I'm guessing that story line would have made more sense had I read the previous series. Because those who read the other books probably understand that story line, the author broke her pattern of showing instead of telling; characters started summarizing to other characters what was going on, and it made little sense to me since I didn't understand why and there were lots of pieces missing for me (sorry, sort of a run-on sentence).

The story was very unique, and the author did a good job with the world-building. There was a magnificent and amazing cliffhanger at the end, which sucked me right back into the story (I lost interest during the story line I didn't understand) and makes me anxious to read the sequel. It was a tiny bit predictable, but it still was enjoyable when it happened. The way that scene played out was amazing and unexpected.

 This honestly could be a stand-alone series, I suppose, but you might get annoyed about the same things I mentioned. I will definitely be reading the previous series!


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