Tuesday, May 7, 2013

4 stars: Scent of Darkness by Margot Berwin

"Evangeline is eighteen years old when her grandmother gives her the ultimate gift-a scent she has created just for her. From the moment Eva places a drop on her neck, her entire life changes.

Previously unnoticed, she becomes the object of intense desire for everyone around her. Men dance close to her; women dip their noses deep into her hair; even the cats outside her bedroom cry to be near her. Gabriel, the quiet student Eva has admired from afar, falls head-over-heels in love with her. But soon the gift begins to control Eva's life: strangers follow her around, sniffing and touching her at every turn. When Eva meets Michael, an artist who barely registers her smell, Eva wonders if he is the one person who can love her for herself. Or is her scent impossible to escape?"

Published January 29th 2013 by Pantheon. I received a digital ARC of this story.

This was such a difficult book for me to rate. Originally, I didn't think too much of it, mainly because the story did not feel complete and not much happened. I later found out that this is part of a SERIES! No wonder! For that reason, and the fact that this book has haunted me since I read the ARC at the end of last year, I must give it a decent rating. Seriously, in the last year, no book has stayed with my like this one; I remember every moment, and I can't wait to find out what happens next. 

I loved the author's writing style; she had poetic descriptions and some great analogies:  

"She was old and so thin that whenever I hugged her, I felt like I was slipping my hands right through her skin and holding on to her beating heart." 

"The scales had miniature rainbow patterns that were strangely reflective, as if they were holding onto the memory of water."


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