Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Alternate Book Title Challenge

Yesterday's Bout of Books challenge was to write a poem using book spines. Today's challenge is to come up with alternate book titles based on a book's cover or story.

Alternate Title: The Dangerous Hot Guy is Watching You... Always

Since I review recentish books, I haven't been able to talk about my favorite trilogy ever: The Forbidden Game by

When Jenny buys a game for her boyfriend, Tom, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the guy behind the counter. There is something mysteriously alluring about Julian's pale eyes and bleached-blond hair. And when he places the Game into her hands, she knows their connection is comething deeper.

But as Jenny and her six friends begin to play the Game at Tom's birthday celebration, a night of friends and fun quickly turns into a night of terror and obsessive love. Because the Game isn't just a game - it's the seven friends' new reality, where Julian reigns as the Prince of the Shadows.

One by one the friends must confront their phobias to win the Game. To lose the Game is to lose their lives. And that is only the beginning..."

Yes, hot, stalker, bad boys are absolutely the perfect male characters in fiction. Notice, I did say fiction. Guess who is getting added to the Book Boyfriends list? 


  1. I love LJ Smith.. and I didn't know about these books! Shocked!

    I have covers like these for the Secret Circle and for the Vampire Diaries. They are hilarious now!

    My alternate name challenge!!

    1. You must read the Forbidden Game! It's the BEST series she has written. She has a sequel in the works (these were written 20 years ago, so that's kind of funny, but I really can't wait!)