Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summary of a book based on the cover: The Selection

I did this once before (read it here), and it was so much fun that I had to take another shot at it! This one is for the cover of The Selection.

"America Singer must impress Prince Maxon by selecting the perfect dress to wow him in. When she finds the dress, it is love at first sight, and she knows it is the one. How can the prince not notice her? Unfortunately, it becomes apparent that the dress selection failed when everyone else shows up in dresses of the same color and style. Luckily for America, she is the only one with red hair, so will that be enough to set her apart? She realizes that something else is distinguishing her from the others as well once it becomes obvious how far away everyone stands from her: America has a bad case of body odor. It might be possible for her to hide this fact, but first she will need to stop sniffing herself. This might prove to be tougher than it was to select the right dress.

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