Saturday, July 13, 2013

Unrated: Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker

"Kacey Cleary’s whole life imploded four years ago in a drunk-driving accident. Now she’s working hard to bury the pieces left behind—all but one. Her little sister, Livie. Kacey can swallow the constant disapproval from her born-again aunt Darla over her self-destructive lifestyle; she can stop herself from going kick-boxer crazy on Uncle Raymond when he loses the girls’ college funds at a blackjack table. She just needs to keep it together until Livie is no longer a minor, and then they can get the hell out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

But when Uncle Raymond slides into bed next to Livie one night, Kacey decides it’s time to run. Armed with two bus tickets and dreams of living near the coast, Kacey and Livie start their new lives in a Miami apartment complex, complete with a grumpy landlord, a pervert upstairs, and a neighbor with a stage name perfectly matched to her chosen “profession.” But Kacey’s not worried. She can handle all of them. What she can’t handle is Trent Emerson in apartment 1D.

Kacey doesn’t want to feel. She doesn’t. It’s safer that way. For everyone. But sexy Trent finds a way into her numb heart, reigniting her ability to love again. She starts to believe that maybe she can leave the past where it belongs and start over. Maybe she’s not beyond repair.

But Kacey isn’t the only one who’s broken. Seemingly perfect Trent has an unforgiveable past of his own; one that, when discovered, will shatter Kacey’s newly constructed life and send her back into suffocating darkness."

Published February 12th 2013 by Atria Books. I listened to the audio format of this book.  

This book has a really good rating on Goodreads and I've been wanting to read it for a really long time, but couldn't because my library didn't have it. Imagine my excitement when Audible had it available!

I just... I don't know where to start. This book was simply infuriating. 
  • Objectification is the name of the game. Every description of every adult female included what the woman's body looked like. Repeat mentions too. And whenever a man is in a scene, he can't stop looking at said woman's body. 
  • This is a NA book, so it seems like authors feel that these books must always have naughty material. It just seemed so forced and unnecessary; especially for a book that didn't even really have sex scenes.

  •  *SPOILERS* How do I even begin with this one. So at first I was pissed because Trent seemed like the perfect guy minus the fact that he seemed like a creepy stalker (but hey, maybe he just magically kept appearing wherever Kacey happened to be). I was pissed because Kacey had no redeeming qualities. She's just so unlikable and yet Trent will do anything for her. In fact, he wanted to hold off having sex with her, because she's so damaged from post traumatic stress disorder, that he felt he would be taking advantage of her fragility. He tells her that he wants her to get therapy and that he'll wait for her no matter how long it takes. OK, this dude doesn't know her and she's not likable, so why did this stranger suddenly fall for her and so hard? I was just so pissed while listening to this story. But then it all made sense like 3/4 of the way into the book, and I actually thought it was pretty awesome that the book went in a different direction than I thought it was going (woman is damaged and can't talk about what happened to her, she meets guy, he helps her overcome her issues, and then everything is perfect). It happened almost like that except that it wasn't him who helped her. Well, he indirectly did. Anyway, it turned out that he was a HARDCORE STALKER and was even hacking her email (even before she first met him). I thought the stalker angle was actually pretty awesome since it made sense and the characters in the book knew that it was very wrong and that he was mentally screwed up. So that made me forgive almost everything and it really boosted my rating for this book. Then he shows up again in her life (nooooo) and they live happily ever after. I still don't know what to rate this, so I won't bother. Even if the stalker angle turned out to be pointless in the end since it didn't change anything, I still loved that. Grr had she not ended up with her stalker, I could have given this a 4 star rating!
I don't even think I need to say anything else.

Wait I will say more, because the author did have nice character development. Each character had a very specific voice and his or her own special traits. 

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