Book Boyfriends

Welcome to the Book and Cat Librarian's Matchmaking Service (this page will be updated whenever a new Book Boyfriend is found)

Since I read YA/NA, I read many books with love stories. Some of these love stories have guys that could be the perfect Book Boyfriend for you! Yes, yes, all of these guys are taken, but the books have already been written, and it's not real-time, so maybe they're single now!

In my posts, you will find the label, "book boyfriend," which means that there is a possible perfect bachelor (think optimistically) just right for you! I have hand-picked these guys, so I assure you that they are high quality.

This list includes men from the books that I have already reviewed on this site:

Will from Slammed:
If you're looking for a bad boy, you won't find him here. That doesn't mean that Will is perfect or boring though. He can actually be broody and jealous, but in a sexy way. This man is mature beyond his years, and he puts his little brother first in his life, which is so darn sweet. When he is unable to say "I love you," he shows it instead (by secretly paying to have your car fixed or by bringing your car to your house when you leave it stranded somewhere). He's smart, sexy, and caring, and is one of the most swoon-worthy on this list so far--maybe tied with Cade from Faking It, who is listed down below.
Camden from Sins and Needles:
Camden is not your usual bad boy, because he's actually a good boy too. He's really sweet (sometimes) and caring. The thing is, he has a hidden dark side, because women he has trusted have screwed him over. The good news is that he was able to forgive one and accept and understand her faults. Miraculously, he was able to still love her. This is another loyal guy who will do anything for the woman he loves, even if it involves risking his own life. His love can be a bit obsessive, but he's not too dangerous. And by the way, he's a tall, completely tattooed, beautiful, tattoo artist and musician.

Akiva from Daughter of Smoke and Bone:
Angels are far more beautiful than humans. In fact, when Karou drew a picture of Akiva for an art class assignment, her teacher was not happy with it, because it was not life-like. As in, no male mortal could be that beautiful... but the picture did not even do him justice. Don't let his angel status fool you; he is a soldier in a never-ending war against devils. But don't let that fool you either, because he can still fall in love with even a devil. Love with him has no boundaries. If anyone hurts his love, he will let loose the worst vengeance, and he won't smile again. When he gives away his heart, he could give it away for life. He's just that loyal. Even though he feels the emotion of love so strongly, he will not be controlling or overly possessive. He'll respect your feelings and thoughts, even if you envision a world without him. If that is the case, he'll leave you alone. Although, if he doesn't know you and is intrigued by you, he might stalk you a bit until he gets the nerve to confront you.

Julian from The Forbidden Game:
Now this Book Boyfriend is the baddest of the bad. He actually could be considered dangerous. But isn't that what makes him fun (fiction folks, we're talking about fiction)? Julian is super loyal, which is actually an understatement, because he is a stalker. And a kidnapper. And where he plans to take you... no one can help you because it's a different, dark dimension. I feel like I'm not selling him very well. Think Goblin King from Labyrinth, only hotter and younger. Now you get it! I think Julian might become the most popular here, so maybe I'll need to auction him off to the highest bidder?

Daemon from Obsidian:
So far, I have listed "good boys," so here's a bad one. He doesn't want to be bad, but he needs to if he's going to keep you safe. You see, he's not human. He's an alien, and that puts you at risk. What if the Department of Defense found out that you knew that aliens existed? That is why you must keep it a secret if you date him. It will be worth it. Since he is an alien, he got to choose what he would look like on Earth when he was a kid, and he chose well. Everyone will be jealous of you if this book boyfriend is on your arm! Bonus: if you get hurt, Daemon can heal you! 
Peeta Adam from Shatter Me:
I confused him with Peeta for a reason, ladies. I kept waiting for him to toss Juliette some bread! He's sweet and very loyal. Adam is willing to risk his life for the girl he loves. He's 6', all lean muscle, and covered in tattoos (military tattoos). If you don't want a soldier, that's OK, because he'll quit for you. He'll do anything for you.
Cade from Faking It:
Cade's nickname is "Golden Boy" for a reason! This is the man that you want to bring home to meet your parents. In fact, Max didn't even know him and she did just that! Unfortunately for her, her parents liked him a little too much. This guy is a volunteer who works with at-risk youth! Yes, he's a nice guy, and maybe he fits in the "nice guys finish last" category, but he does some other things (I don't know how old my audience here is) like a bad boy ::wink:: ::wink:: Cade is one of the most swoon-worthy Book Boyfriends.

Finn from The Mad Scientist's Daughter:
Finn is technically a robot, but he looks human, and he is just the sweetest! The best news is that he is not opposed to having a relationship with a human! Tread lightly, because he is very sensitive, so make sure that you do not use him or lead him on. That will break his metal heart. I picture him looking like Edward Scissorhands, only with human-looking hands.


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